Are you legal?

If you are like me, you are making plans for your show season–what level to show, what shows to hit, and how exactly you are going to finance the whole thing!

Making your Recognized showing experience smooth and fun requires managing quite a few variables. One very important component is using the proper equipment. Not just what works for you and your horse, but what is LEGAL to use in the show ring. If you use illegal equipment you can be eliminated, so coming down the centerline–and even warming up!–with all the proper equipment is crucial. It would be VERY unfortunate, not to mention incredibly frustrating if all your planning and preparation brought you and your horse a  harmonious and  high scoring ride, only to have your score unusable due to use of illegal equipment. Believe me, it happens!

Thankfully, the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) knows it is difficult to keep up with all the rules and rule changes, and they have provided this document which allows you to test your knowledge of what you can legally use, both in the show ring and in the warm-up. Check it out and see how many you get right!

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