Livin’ On A Prayer

When you think of New Jersey, many things spring to mind. Before I moved to southeastern Pennsylvania, there were two things–Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi, in that order! It’s likely impossible that you’d grow up in the 80s in this part of the country without thinking of Jon and his band, particularly when they named their 1988 record after the state.

So I felt that it was not only timely but appropriate that I heard my friend Dave Moore play Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ On A Prayer” on B101 last Wednesday evening as I drove through the Garden State hauling Waimea back from the show at Suddenly Farms–in Lumberton, NJ–after we got our second 4th level score towards our Silver Medal.

So now we are–like Jon says in the song–halfway there.

Halfway there

Halfway to our USDF Silver Medal. Standing right in front of the Prix St.George, the gates to the FEI starting to swing open.

Have you dreamed, even prayed, that you would ride in the double? Show in a shadbelly? Do canter pirouettes and tempi changes?

Me too. And here we are. Halfway there.

Waimea and I have a new theme song. How would you like to see a Bon Jovi freestyle?

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